2021 Inauguration. New Beginnings. USA President Joe Biden. USA Vice President Kamala Harris. A Day Of Continuing America Democracy. January 20 2021

We need not go backwards, again. Instead we continue forward to establish Democracy to add to what is, what is to be. To make additions of what will come for those of us who are here and those of us who will come. In simple English, grandmothers, grandfathers, fathers and mothers continue to build for the futures of our children and grandchildren. It is then and only then will our little ones be able to build for their children and grandchildren.

Everyday is a day of change for human beings. Great and small. Short and tall. High and low. Rich and poor. Living through one year of this tremendous Pandemic-Corona-Virus that most human-beings are, yet, in the dark about. Will America be given the complete findings of this unexpected disease that have in someway affected more than half of all American families within the United States and so many other human beings across the Globe.

Aptly, we move toward Vaccines. Three pharmaceutical companies, thus far have introduced vaccines within America. Some frontliners and their family members have been fortunate to their first vaccination. Also the elderly 75 years and older have had their first vaccination.

Johnson and Johnson has developed a stronger Vaccine that will only be administered once to those persons vaccinated by their prescription. Yet, Johnson and Johnson follows behind their timeline presenting more people issues.

But, today, Inauguration Day for our new America Leadership, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, make all of America’s problems, issues being resolved or closer to resolution, that the pass 4 years.

Present and new Leadership(January 20, 2021-2024) is adequate to guide the complete elimination of any and all issues America confronts today, no matter how severe or restimulative. Yet, UNITY, with the American population connotes Successful completion of many resolutions to various issues affecting people within America seeking solutions. “Seek and ye shall find.” Knock and the door will be opened unto you.”

The role of every American, Professional Humanitarian, is to introduce the basic concepts of Professional Humanity to every other person within the realms of America. This Professional Humanitarian basic concept practices include: Respect for the human being, differentiating between the person and the( hate pattern); 2. understanding the director’s role as that of a helper rather than a person “who thinks for” the learner; 3. chooses goals “for” them; 4. manipulates them; 5. understanding the central importance of discharging distresses; 6. the use of “the word from outside; 7. protecting learners in America, yet, not part of the American system; 8. no use of drugs, dictatorship, nor psycho-surgery; and, 9. keeping clearly in mind the concept of the whole, undamaged human being, God created, beneath the distress(acquired evil).

“Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for. And, the evidence of things, unseen.” Hebrews 11:1 ( Full Biblical Revelation Read 11th Chapter)

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