LONELINESS At Sixty-five-plus

“Really Alone at Christmas 2020?”

               I am a Black American woman, licensed /ordained evangelist (since the age of  (12 years old). Parent-excellence educator, homeschool principal, and director (since 1970). Mass Communications (1980), including publishing my own 1st black community newspaper, which leads me into major print and broadcast journalism. Audio (two local radio stations creator. Producer. Program director. Who thrives on prevention? I have this Gift of  Discerning. That is the spiritual definition of using your mind or the other way around. Your mind created by within you, than what meets the  soon. I am also Gifted, Creativity and utilizing greater Intelligence , whereas I develop into positive marketable talents to earn my living within my natural environments. I am a Non[traditional Counselor and Instructor of other Gifted individuals like me. These God-given sensitivity visions are always good. Yet, not checked closely, consequences take wrong direction. Worst things happen during the time and space period for this judgment. Some about judgment support rather than study Biblical

“This. I Never Saw Coming.”

Arthur, Sr. And I started a family January 1975. We have three beautiful Independent Gifted and Talented adults with eight grandchildren. Five beautiful gifted and talented young ladies and three gifted and talented grandsons.

Arthur Sr. Made his complete Spiritual Transformation, July 13, 2005. Arthur, Sr. was 59 years old in this natural life. We spent many awaking hours seeking the source of his rapid illness. Yet his early physical demise could not be postponed. We sought medical aid from a medical team of the Globe’s Best Doctors. Yet, Arthur’s premature Spiritual Transformation continued.

I was a widow at 52 years old. Earlier, in our natural life, Arthur, Sr., and I talked about devoting our lives to excellence education for our children and others like them. We decided that I would be the one that would seek through every open door and push through the ones closed for no Godly purpose. We discovered that we were both activists. Yet, one of us had to concentrate as the ultimate family financial provider.

Our natural lives together, began in 1974 and ended at his bed just a few minutes before he felt asleep to make his spiritual journey. Arthur had asked, earlier, that I sang the Lord’s Prayer at his bedside. Our youngest daughter, granddaughter and I needed to physically travel home for a short break from Arthur’s hospital bed. Immediately upon the time, we got in the house, we received a telephone call from Arthur’s nurse that Arthur, Sr. requested my presence. The nurse said Arthur was anxious to see me. When we returned to the hospital, Arthur Had just fell asleep, according to his nurse. Arthur gave 47 live active years to the American government. While he serviced the people through the Armed and Civil Service, Arthur found time to help many more. We sponsored several international students in Engineering and. Architecture. Arthur was tremendously great in Mathematics. He tutored our children. Arthur’s teaching them Mathematics, exceedingly early led to our children’s apt scholastic excellence education progress in their Homeschooling and their other private and public schooling. Arthur also taught Mathematics at the local Community College. While I expanded my horizons in Gifted Education to assure our three Gifted and Talented children and others like them, an Excellence Education, opening doors that were, far too long had been closed to High Middle Class and other Underserved Gifted and talented pupils.

Now, it is Christmas 2020. I am alone. In my birth state. My first time to live in the city I am living in. And, I have not been living within my birth State since I was nine years old. I did return to my birth home during our search for the best excellence education establishment for our children. I received a scholarship to the brand-named College and was given the privilege to write my own IEP. But the time to place my excellence education in a traditional classroom, was not the focal point of our family. Our children were the center point and primary focus.

Have I thought about completing my formal and traditional University excellence Education in an online or a traditional classroom setting to reduce the LONELINESS? Yes. I have. In fact, I have been told by many college representatives that my massive special excellence education can and will be a proposal for traditional college credits as much of my lifetime achievements have been considered before. The key is to remain in a chosen University Center for 6 months. Having promoted the proposals  for lifetime college credits over the years in various colleges and universities, I know the rationale behind the time to be spent online or at a physical campus is to supply accreditation to the traditional or non-traditional institution. Not during the Christmas season 2020. We are not yet out of the darkness in our humanitarian Society. But we are looking over the hill as we climb over the mountain and the seas of poison water.

 The Global COVID Pandemic keeps me from visiting with any one of our children’s families. Our son came to visit me on Thanksgiving Day for a few hours, after four long years. The separation could not have been avoided. have time to be lonely. Most of the time, I spent in a dark place.

 Much of my concentration was on getting out of those “Hell sinking environments”, alive and well. I meditated as often as I could. At that time, I was just beginning my healing from three major Spinal Surgeries. I no longer had a vehicle because I drive for a few years ahead. I take the chance of inflicting more damage upon myself nor other Human or animal lives. I eventually gave up my flawless Driving License. Whereas there were vehicular damages upon my life, I was always the victim and not at fault. I was always an action planner. Whether I was 100 percent able or not, I made my way out of situations that many think they cannot. I do not have much, in money. Yet, I use my Godly gifts to righteously get to where I need and want to be when I have fulfilled the price of consequences.

God never test us. Nor does God deliver bad things upon us. When we choose directions other than our destiny, we must deal with the consequences that have been in place before time. Nothing is ever coincidental. The sooner we realize that. The more apt we can move progressively, ahead.

     I never felt loneliness the way I do now on Tuesday, December 22, 2020. Have I, Gloria J Hunt Keith, reached my peak  on changing  the walk of humanity? No. The strategic plans are reimagined on the thoughts on life in 2021.Preparing for life 2021.  

Let me share how God helped me prepare my move physically, with a brand-new  roulette walker, one clothes carrying bag and a large pocketbook.  God said, Gloria every direction you travel, find Professional Humanitarians, and appreciate them from time to time. I had extraordinarily little of value left that had not been stolen from me in major IDENTITY Theft. Oh, but I had a lot of time for God to teach me definition of a Professional Humanitarian.  My lessons began with me. A professional humanitarian writer. It is high time I get all my acquired knowledge. Wisdom. Understanding of life as I see it, have seen life.  I, like Mom want my grandchildren to see and feel the beauty of  life.


Read more in the next Blog-a-Brief 2021

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