Our Gifted Children in Homeschooling 1980’s. IEPS Individualized Instructions in same classroom in the Keith family Home.

our story

We began as a Community EDUCATION RADIO PROGRAM on Two Local Radio Stations One. AM RADIO. Two. FM RADIO. Major Local Newspaper accepted a written announcement every week of our radio programs and special guests.
We also held regular Think tanks to plan our positive responsibility.
As more of our community members became more knowledgeable of what needed to be done, more faithful community members became stronger participants.
The community became more involved in radio, television and other actions. Such as Music, Speech, Reading and Writing programs. 
We found most of those eligible to vote in political elections were not registered to vote. Many didn’t see a need to register nor to vote. 1980-1983, there were no Black American persons on any decision making commissions nor boards.
ACTION SPEAKS climbed from radio to leadership development forward to our own community  newspaper and registered as deputized voter registration official office. 


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