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Action Speaks Heritage Excellence Education Journal
• Presents Special Edition

• “Being a parent implies becoming an advocate, a preacher, a lawyer, an accountant, a teacher, a nurse, and much more. Parents hold their children’s guardianship, their proxy, their power of attorney, their custody, and their care. They are our children’s d representatives, in the adult society and the protectors legal and human rights. Parents have the responsibility children’s care and development 24 hours, 365 days (about 12 months) a year for as they remain dependent.” Lacrosse- 1982
• I became this multifunctional Parent-educator to open doors to EXCELLENCE EDUCATION for our 3 Gifted and Talented American Black children and others like them .
• On the other hand, Arthur, My husband, the father of our 3 Gifted and Talented Black American Children worked hard to provide an economic base for our children as a partner of our parent-educators’ Strategic Action Plans. My husband and I made as an agreement, to this effect, 1979.
• I met Arthur J Keith, Sr., during January 1974, our oldest daughter was 3 years old. T…, began Pre-K. I educated Arthur on Task abilities and actions. T- was already taking straight edges to write her alphabets. T- uttered her first words at 2 months old. She was walking at 6.5 months old. Although, I think she would have been walking at 6 months if I could had found the appropriate shoes for her feet. Respectfully, T- Had small feet so she could only walk on her tippy toes.
• As early as I can remember, I played classic music while we rested and slept.
• One of the Most peculiar things, T- remembered most of the music while getting older.
• T-‘s first book read to us, openly, was BAMBI. She wasn’t 4 yet. She loved spelling words. Her Pre- K teacher thought it was accidental that she spelled apple, appol. But it was because she spelled apple the phonetic way it sounded.
• The public-school T- was attending was giving T- IQ tests without my permission. Every day, T- would come home telling us what tests she was given. She said, none of her other classmates were taking the tests she was given.
• Finally after having given T- every one of the tests, they had available. Mr. Tatum, T-‘s principal made an unannounced and uninvited visit to our home, during his lunch hour and while T- was yet in school and my husband was working at NASA, Langley AFB, to give me inappropriate and incorrect feedback of the psychological tests, Mr. Tatum and the school administration gave to T- during those sessions T- came home telling us about. Mr. Tatum School principal was the messenger tell us what the school wanted to do . They wanted us to educate our Gifted Black American children, somewhere else. Because, as Tatum said, the public schools, in Hampton didn’t have a curriculum for T- nor anyone else “with her outstanding abilities. “ Tatum also confirmed what we, parent-educators already knew. Although, we hadn’t gotten our own private psychological evaluation done, yet. Respectfully.
• Arthur and I spent 5 years seeking out what was offered to American public and private schools for Gifted and Talented American Children.
• There was a lot of Gifted and Talented programs on the books of American legislation for education. Yet, during the 70s, only the elite group received the benefit of Gifted and Talented programs in public and private privileged education systems.
• Robert Scott, Attorney at Law, requested research activity on Gifted studies from the Massachusetts Center for Law and Education and findings included that Arthur and I were the first parents who stood up to the American Department of Education. 1974.

• Action Speaks is a name Arthur, my husband and I decided on in the very beginning of our implementation to build a community conducive to excellence education of our children and others like them. We acquired our initial communication line with 2 Excellence Education Radio Programs with the support of Bay County Black and others interested in our philosophy, “EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED. “
• We knew that parents, teachers and others, within our target area must be, would have to be convinced of our philosophy being truth.
• Yet, our radio programs needed short titles. “ACTION SPEAKS.”
We aired on 2 local radio stations in Panama City, Florida. WDLP AM and WPCF FM. Gloria was the Director and producer. ACTION SPEAKS, later became our first Black Community Newspaper based on EXCELLENCE EDUCATION for our children in the Community and others depending on Print/Broadcast Media highlighted in Panama City, Bay County, Florida. All of our mission efforts. Our mission ended.
• 1980-2018

342 South Saint Andrews Street Dothan, Alabama 36301

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