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Our History

Gloria J Hunt Keith opened and managered the very first African Boutique Shop in Panama City, Florida. Gloria successfully caught the helping hands of many of the residents of the Panhandle ,along with her own family and community who ushered downtown Harrison Avenue in 1990-91 to work for low incomes and some volunteered their time to help Gloria with her success efforts in teaching by actions self-sustaining strategies to her own Black American Family and community.

Gloria’s African Boutique caught the interests of Bay Bank that was only one half block away from Gloria’s African Boutique(the name is changed to protect the innocense. And to give NO acknowledgement to the person or persons who tried to steal the thunder).

Gloria taught women, men, boys and girls of any age and human being group to like African Fashions. And, Gloria gave them, as long as they were clean(lol), the oportunity to model the African custom made body and head wraps and the custom-made clothing made by the partners in Gloria’s African Boutique.

Yet, accepting business partners was not Gloria’s cup of tea. But, who wants to sit along at a Tea Party.

Publicity was great. Almost weekly, Gloria’s African Boutique in Panama City, Florida had the eyes of the Panama City News Herald, one of a few news media or Mass Communications, print, Gloria had been employed and recieved a great deal of experience in the production department of actually designing news and advertising pages. This experience expanded in assiting Gloria to be an Editor and reporter at her later college Journalism classes at GCCC. Panama City, Florida.

So back to Gloria’s ‘African Boutique almost 9 years, later. Gloria decided the African Boutique venture after she acquired multiple years of experiences in retail. Gloria started retail in New York City, NY. It was 1969, Gloria left for New York State in the coldest parts, like Buffalo and Rochester, NY. Yet, Gloria was determined at 17 years old to move to New York City, New York, alone. Gloria went straight to Temporary Office Job with resumes and recommendations from her schools as principals’ secretaries to her Elementary Library President and the Sunday School Secretary in her church. Let us not forget Gloria’s Ministerial Education and experiences that began at the age of 12 years old. Gloria was tried and received her first license as a Missionary on January 15, 1965. Gloria’s sermonette(because she was in the tribal of women) was, “You Must Be Born Again”, Bible scripture base: St. John 3rd Chapter. Not very long after the sermonette, Gloria was the talk of the Black American panhandle. Gloria was invited in Baptist and Methodist Churches as Speaker of many youth programs and other community functions for the younger people.

Gloria J Hunt Keith had a quality history, taking her new Hampton, VA, New Jersey and LA. family members, to add to her new business venture that everyone could have and did have fun in. There were 3 store compartments in Gloria’s African Boutique. Gloria figured in Tea parties with Fashions modeled by young and old, women, men, boys, girls and babies modeling the fashions and showing as well as selling African sculptures and things, big and small.

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An Artist Sent This Drawing to me long ago online.

“Appreciation Stimulates Positive Motivation”

Gloria J Hunt Keith July 14 2005

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