Catherine Cunningham My Beloved Substitute Mom

Catherine Cunningham, my big sister, completed her Spiritual Transformation, March 13, 2021, in Alabama, S. M. Goodson Funeral Home. The celebration was officiated by Cunningham Family and attended by family and friends in streaming as well as physically.

“Cat “my beloved oldest sister and eldest daughter of Mother. Cat raised me. She taught me to read at age 3. Cat set me down on the sofa. She got the Bible and flipped pages to Mathew 6:9-14. The Lord’s Prayer. Let your light so shine…” Mathew 5:16. these are the right scriptures Cat would take me with her if my teachers mistreated me or if I was unhappy after a day at school. I respectfully remember one occasion when the teacher backed up and set into the trash can while my big sister was angry because of the bruises on my hand from a ruler punishment for something I didn’t do. We helped the teacher get up and walked out. I never got any more painful and physical punishments from school. I visited Cat often while going up I received a college scholarship from Talladega College. Catherine was there for me. Her church needed a pianist I stayed with Cat and her family to play for her church. Temporary. Yet didn’t leave until I taught Catherine to play piano for her church. I felt good giving back to Catherine something she had her hands in raising and sharing her young life with me to reach my highest potential and self-worth. Catherine and James’ marriage was a perfect role model for any other family including mine. They always had a strength I tried to achieve in my marriage. Catherine was private and had a beautiful spirit for counseling Continue your journey at the omega of your Spiritual Transformation. Alpha, Mom, Myra, Sylvia, and surprisingly others will be at your heavenly welcome. You saw in visions. No worries family. Catherine is safe in His Arms because she never yielded to temptations. I appreciate you Cat for All in All. I appreciate and thank you for all you did for me through the Agape Love. Respectfully Submitted, Gloria Jean Hunt Keith#actionspeaks

James and Catherine Cunningham

Catherine Cunningham

My Oldest Sister/Mom’s Eldest Daughter

I will continue to miss your physical presence. Yet, I have gained more Spiritual time with you, Catherine. I'll always love you, big sister.

Gloria J Hunt Keith, publisher


Gloria J Hunt Keith


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