Be Happy. Be True. Black America Moves Positively Progressive In America and the Global Society. Be Ye Yet Professional Humanitarians. My Sisters and Brothers. God, Our Ultimate Creator is Our Source As Always. Have Mustard Seed Faith In God, Our Ultimate Creator.

My audience will see sincerity in my Professional Humanitarian Services to other human Beings.
Gloria J Hunt Keith Over 50 years of Excellence Education and ultimate Experience with human beings all over the world.
Gloria’s Unique Vintage Boutique
Hard at Work Establishing My Community Conducive To my Family’s EXCELLENCE EDUCATION and others like them.
Production necessary for living come as gifts from God, ultimately.

This is my Nanny. My Paternal Grandmother. Her name is

Willie Mae Hunt

Beautiful Shoes of Mine to transfer to others who need and desire them.
Kwanzaa Give Aways from Gloria’s Vintage Boutique Online. Send Email Information
Get A ticket Number as long as availability during 7 days of Kwanzaa Jeans and sweaters Only.
Gloria’s Unique Vintage Boutique (Online)
Queen Effie Doris Sears(Saiers) 25 years old
Mom(Effie D) of 9 children at the time this photo was taken (25)
Gloria J Hunt Keith, publisher/founder/Author

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