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Gloria J Hunt Keith

Being a parent-Educator means becoming all that is necessary and positive to establish open doors for our 3 Gifted and Talented Children, remaining true to God and true to yourself, maintaining who and what you are as God has created. produced. developed. implementation of God Visions for my life. Thank God for allowing me to the ability of turning teaching our 3 children and opening doors necessary for Our Children, other children like them to turn Giftedness into Marketable Talents.

Parent-Educator 1970. Investigative Reporter 1983. Publisher.1980. Ordained Minister1981. Reevaluation Counsel/Certified Teacher 1986. Composer 1969. Gospel Recording Artist 1975. Specialist Correspondent @ Pioneer Home schooling Panhandle Florida and Extensions in volunteering and Support, Time and Money. DNC Official Member. Active DNC Member for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. OFA Grassroot Participant to elect President Barack Obama. 1 of 5 DNC Persons to sponsor Madame Michelle Obama to Panama City Florida. Privileges’ and Pleasure to Private Interview with Rosa Parks 1992 FSU. I became a continuing friend and colleague with Rosa Park and was given a place beside Rosa Parks in the Famous Wall of Tolerance. Montgomery AL. (Vision and program Director Morris Dees. Reporter and Production specialist . Tallahassee Democrat. Panama City News Herald. Church Times News Paper. Merger with Pensacola Voice/ACTIONSPEAKS Black Community Newspaper. Director of Private School. News Reporter Capitol Outlook.


Gloria J Hunt Keith-Author

I learned to document my research and studies of Giftedness in Humans that were non-Caucasian human-beings as Arthur and I moved forward with our strategic Excellence Education action plans to give everyone of our children an individualized instructed excellence education that our children will take the place and God-given purpose in Global Societies. Their children and their children’s children will follow through the lives of humanity in earth as they are able to transfer their strengthen giftedness into monetary talents to sustain themselves, their families and continue to make HEART positive contributions to our growing humanitarian and global societies . The IQ Tests, such as the Stanford Benet Intelligent Evaluation have for years demonstrated failure to those non-white oriented human beings. The 15 points the Psychologists find short in the non-white recipients are , many times, not added in the concluding IQ Results fir the non-white individuals amongst USA Public Schools, according the Internationally acknowledged private psychologists as well as principals and other front-runners as class-room instructors within the USA public School Systems.

As a parent-educator of 2 parent-educators of 3 Gifted and Talented Geniuses, also approved by the private and public schools of White human beings dominance, I offered the same curriculum to those predominately White Human Beings public and private schools, the IEP (curriculums), that we directed with our children, until they declared their individualized independence. As far as the Stanford Binet IQ Tests and the Wesler IQ Tests, etc. did not find our children’s IQ Scores, not because of a minus difference being Black American Children, but because everyone of our 3 geniuses scored above the limitation of the standard IQ Tests. Though the public schools in the county where we lived during the time of our children’s’ IQ Testing, could not fairly and justly determined the appropriate IQ Scores of our three Gifted Geniuses, we, as 2 parent-educators. acquired no assistance from the public or private school systems. we were were unjustly and racially convicted of “School Evasion”. After, a few months of struggle, my having to be the defense attorn, for our family, made our struggle toward the State Capitol of this sad, yet true “Conviction of School Evasion” got the fake charges, expunged and eradicated and explicitly overturned with the local County Judge’s statement and congrats of how the case won our defense. Simply, because the Black Community that received the greatest financial assets from our strategic frequent action plans to better educate our Black Community of others like us, feared entering the County Courts while we , 2 parent-educators of 3 proven Gifted Black American Geniuses, were racially lynched in the County Court room. The County Judge sent a message to the local Black Community, that we, Black American Parent-Educators, lived, invested a great deal of time and money into family, friends and strangers.

“Just show up in my court room, I will dismiss the racist performance.” said the message from the County Judge.

Yet, not a one of the three groups, seat foot in the County courtroom.

Looking back at July, 1984, in the small Red County that tried to pay me off by offering me, the first Black American to sit in the seat of the (scornfold…) City Commissioner, thousands of dollars, accepted from the Federal to Invest into the Black Community Development Revitalization. “Can you believe that the County and City officials got together and agreed to give me the money for personal and family use, rather than the continuing development and excellence education of our children and others like them?” Why?

Because the City and County Leadership wanted to create another “OPPRESSOR-AGENT” or “agents”. They knew that they couldn’t outright question the integrity of our children’s father unless they go through me.. They sent individuals, I didn’t expect to approach me. Dinners were set up in various other cities and states, I yet refused. My investments were not to be “tanked” Nor was my character, dignity, nor integrity, for sale, I held my ground . I continued my Vow to God. I kept my commitment to my husband and, specifically, to give everyone of Our 3 children and grandchildren to open door, to share knowledge, to excellence educate myself and to give everyone of our children what I had to give them to build their strengthened giftedness of God and aptly turn their strengthened Giftedness into marketable talents to live independent family lives in the Global societies of their choosing.

Late, one evening, within another city, I was approached and told, “Gloria Keith, you did the right thing to leave….and perhaps, go underground until those that know you get all the money they can from the leaders that wanted to give the money to you to ‘shut you up’”. said the stranger. “Hey, I don’t mean you did anything wrong. And, your children will do well. But, others, in your surrounding that you helped the most, turned on you, sista soldier. I would stay away if I was you, the stranger continued. It wasn’t anyone that looked like me, who hurt you…We actually admired you. “, the stranger continued. “Remember the remarks the County Sheriff made about how short of time you had been there and what you had been able to do for the Black community that no other Black person ever did for the Black community. The Sheriff was announcing that all over the County. We hoped that would help you and your family…”

The conversation continued for a short time more….I was inspired to move a little further with our children. My husband kept working so “we would have some financial support…until we didn’t. But God God kept Guardian Angels around everyone of us, together and then independently

God, yet keep everyone of us, “SAFE IN HIS ARMS”. My husband. My Mom. A Sibling. A Sister-in-Law finished the struggle in earth and have made Spiritual Transformations.

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith

Looking over Gloria’s shoulder is Gloria’s Mom, Queen Effie Doris Hunt. The Mrs. Rosa Parks . Atty Timothy Brooks Over 700 Elementary School Kids. Gloria’s Computer Literacy Class of children and adults Artie, only son and The James Meredith. Behind her head is a natural photo of Actor, Producer and Movie Director, Tyler Perry. Yes, Gloria has interviewed , taught, mentored, or communicated with them all plus many more with spiritual or physical or both communicated through print , audio or video broadcast since 1980- present. Gloria will share many stories of truth with her esteemed journalism audiences, YouTube; Twitter; LinkedIn; Blogger; Anchor’ Spotify and others. Let’s not forget, http://www.actionspeaksgjhk2021.com and WordPress. Oh, Facebook, provided cybercriminals change their multiple directions to GOD, our Ultimate Creator. I have many of my Spirit Mentors praying the best prayers for me. “One can chase one thousand and Two will chase 10s of thousands evil spirits away from one truthfully doing God’s perfect will according to Biblical lessons. Gloria ministered her first sermon at 12 years old . Received Certificate of Ministry Evangelism 1965. Ordained by God March 29, 1964. Ordained by man 1981. Organized Excellence Education Schoo1/Church 1981.


1978-PRESENT in Library of Congress. WDC.

Our children have given us 8 grandchildren. And, though, we are independent of each other, God continue to give everyone of us, “FAVOR” in our Giftedness and our marketable Talents as promised. And, as always, I am never without a Guardian Angel, close, at my side, when I speak of a need or desire. As written Biblically, “Delight yourself in the Lord. He will give you the desires of your heart.” ##ACTIONSPEAKSHEEJ

contact: actionspeaks1980@gmail.com

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