Empowerment is Education

Today was International Day of Education. Yet, there’s a bit of confusion around the global human society. I saw highly standardized media messages that didn’t share truth. Perhaps errors. I initially thought. So I sent private messages to the authors of these elaborate messages. Here. Let me share an example. Your Company or institution states, “ We empower students to get an education “. No human being can empower any other human being to get an education.

I. ‘‘Em power = me power (innate abilities) from heritage in God, our Ultimate Creator. Education equals Knowledge …….



One or more human beings can only encourage, enhance , share, our stories to help heal or train others to find their inner strength, their innate power . That is the beginning, the continuation of their Education throughout their journey in human life. It’s a development that one uses to build talents that may be used to live in this capitalist society. Yet, the greatest education is developing skills to take the human being into the spiritual world 🌎. To every human being is given 2 bodies, natural and spiritual. Respectfully read your Bible . I and 2nd Corinthians. #ActionSpeaks

Gloria J Hunt Keith

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