A Few Days Ago Public Educators Shouted To Me. I’m a Parent -Educator Who Tried To Prevent The Education Crashing of Schools To Benefit, Primarily, Our Children….

Note: I would like for my readers to

I’m not a satisfied pioneer parent-Educator 2023. I’m not going to sit idolizing while our grandchildren mark time and while adult church folks and demanding as well as controlling teachers and millionaires and other Black Americans nairesses just showcase their homes cars and other tangible things yet demonstrate a blanket mentality of what should happen next how quickly have they forgotten why they chose or God chose them to be in a watched position Black American women you are not there so my grandson can watch you take off your diamonds and pearls Black American men you are not in front of my granddaughter to prove how much you can be like her Black Americans ages 30 and older you are done your time like my time belong to the Black American youth Choose the child you will take by the hands and teach whatever God leads you to teach them or listen for him or her to teach you so we can sped up or this world will continue to pass all of us by. I was hoping that I didn’t have to stand before the world and be noticed again I have been rich poor and mediocre What I am now is wiser older yet God Gifted and always will be What I must do is share me to help you use you GodGiftedness as I have learned so shall you only God knows the time and the numbers Many of you will leave the earth before and after me.Yet I find greater happiness in knowing you will leave knowing you are Gifted and what Go Gifted you for in this world of confusion.

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