I wrote a long heart fell commentary directly underneath the news headlines of Netflix Perry’s story of “6888” or “Six Triple Eight” because I read and connected to the spirit of the strong-minded Black American Women Soldiers . I was so engaged in the writing of this story that I was deeply inspired to write a lengthy post and forgot to shadow copy for my files. Yet it was sent. But I have not been able to get a copy of what I wrote in comments underneath the named article of Vanity Fair ever fifteen minutes after I wrote it. It was great. It was truth. Yet, it matters not if VF publish it or not. I want a copy for my records. I’m writing to leave history for our children, grandchildren and great grands when they think of me in times of remembrance.

So, 👋, respectfully, responsible rep at VF, if you see my ported comments, please shoot me a copy. You have all of my information with my writ. Respectfully Submitted , #ActionSpeaks

Gloria J Hunt Keith

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