I respectfully, remember, being given the political position of Florida State Public Relations Director of The Florida State Voters League working under the leadership of Representative Harris . Harris worked directly in the office of the Florida Governor. Respectfully. Yet, there was this one day, shortly after my appointment as FVL Public Relations Director, Harris called me at home to brief me, as he had always contacted me, letting me know what our next appointment duty would be. This day was different. My husband was home for lunch. We set at the table eating and talking. The phone rang. It was Harris calling me of our next appointment. Another long distance trip to a California trip Seminar expanding my horizons in political services. Respectfully. Yet, the difference is what Harris added on to politically pressure me to take off my clothes and please the political circles of men I order to expand my position more rewarding in dollars and cents. According to Harris, the Governor and other politicians gave Harris this role to encourage and inspire me to be a “Ho” Representative for Politicians. I listen attentively to Harris. I asked my husband, quietly, to get on the phone, also. Respectfully, I asked Harris, how did he think my husband would feel about this. Better yet, I told him the role of using my physical body to expand my services as Public Relations Director in or for Florida or any other state or position would be an insult to my intelligence and humanity. Harris told me if I wasn’t going to represent Florida Voters League in this new capacity, then I should be ready to lose my position with Florida Government services to someone who willingly do as he asked..

Respectfully, I told Harris that nothing was worth me selling my body mind, nor spirit, my intelligence. If I was to serve or share services within or without, individually or with an organization it had to be with my body covered entirely to demonstrate my knowledge, wisdom and understanding of a human being inspired by our ultimate Creator God. Respectfully, I never changed from being my intelligent self in “This World of Confusion”, My dignity nor my humanity, Will ever be sold to man, beast nor devil and his demons. Satan has tempted me in every way, God allowed, yet God never left me. Through my Job experiences, I had to encourage myself , inspire myself and stand strong when my body was too weak to stand steadily. When men literally tried knocking me down, tried killing me, realistically , morally and steal my dignity, God helped me stand in spite of. I hold fast my spirituality, my dignity, my humanity in any and all capacities of real life. I will never sell me, natural body nor my spiritual body to man or demon. Respectfully I will continue to maintain my Humanity and Democracy as long as I live in This World of Confusion. Respectfully I am requesting other women like me and supportive of me with me to do as I do or be forever grateful and greatest than the God, our Ultimate Creator with in me. I don’t envy any human being, humanitarian nor humanitarian Representative as I am envied, even today, because, some feel that God gives me more. I was just a few days ago, shouted as in hatred from one I taught graciously, respectfully appreciated, that “ I am mentally ill” simply because she took money by telling a lie on me. I reacted positively as God in scripture. “A liar will never tarry in my sight” I forgave her. Yet, never again will work nor befriend this human being nor trust in reality. Respectfully Submitted.#ActionSpeaks”

I am in God. God is in me.

Gloria J Hunt Keith
To share a Professional Humanitarian Smile with You.
Gloria J Hunt Keith

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