Presentation Question by Parent Audience Answered by Author Gloria J Hunt Keith. Book: EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED

I began Excellence Education with every child in the womb. I had this orange portable clock radio that I would turn to classical music. Or good instrumental music rather than music with lyrics. That way, the child could be creative acting within the reams of their God gifted abilities and not another person’s limitations.Every child be they of the same or not the same parents have different individual history. Each individual child have the same heritage, in Our God, our Ultimate 2 months, every one of them uttered their first words or word. At 6 months, every one of them set on the toilet. Now, 6 .5 months, my oldest child walked and chose the magazine she wanted to read from the coffee table and did her very best to put all the other magazines back. She was born 4 pounds 6 ounces . My second child was born 9 pounds 13 ounces. My 3rd child was born 10 lbs 3 ounces. Respectfully I trained them all on the toilet at 6 months old. Yet, because of my extra work with 3 children, the last 2 walked at 8.5 months. Respectfully Now if your child or children are older, you must begin with them where every individual child in now or when you decide to utilize my methodology. And be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Remember, the Parents are the permanent teachers. Wherever others are educating them. And, whoever is considered a Teacher for your child or children, the human being is a ‘ Substitute Instructor. Respectfully, that person or persons are chosen by the parents or legal guardian. Respectfully Your child or children should not have

The Keith children in Home School 1984
Gloria Teaching Our Heritage to America’s Children and Parents

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