Happiness for You and Your Love Ones During Holiday Seasons

Blessed and Happiness throughout your Holiday seasons. Respectfully
I truly appreciate everyone of you who took time out of your busy schedules to join as a friend or family member on my Facebook page.
The mass publication of my “Best Seller” book, EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED, is processing.
I would like to give my Facebook friends and family members the first 50 pages of EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED in hope that you will have enough descriptive knowledge, wisdom and understanding of heritage excellence education, a modification for Black America continual positive success within today’s Global society.
Accept these 50 pages of EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED as a Holiday Gift to you. Included within the 50 pages will be KWANZAA celebration information.

Send me the email of acceptance for your descriptive copy of my book:EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED.
Respectfully Submitted



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