Actions Speaks Heritage Excellence Education SYSTEM founded by Gloria Jean Hunt and Arthur James KEITH Sr.

In Family Format

Respectfully, Arthur and Gloria , realistically, following God’s plans of grace and truth to train up their three Gifted and Talented children and others like them in the ways and admonition of God.

Train up a child in the ways (he/she should go, individually. And when the individual and independent child is older, the individual human being will not depart from their solidified teachings or excellence education.

Respectfully, the excellence education system began with one Gifted and Talented individual child. Gloria’s young and very inspirational , intelligent and loving 🥰 individual human being, a daughter.

Gloria following God’s instructional Excellence Education program from in womb throughout the first gifted and talented individual dependency.

Though, the modification happened unseemly, the process was a must for God’s excellence education planning to work.

As it happens with many changes there is always some conflict of interest that forces the change to take place in the lives of individuals when it is time to leave the nest. Otherwise God‘s plan may be hindered.

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