Seeking Private Funding to open My Heritage Excellence Education Center, respectfully and legally

My decision is made. Most of the funds I make from the sale of my new book will be reinvested into our family school for Gifted Underserved. Respectfully, my husband, Arthur J Keith, Sr. would agree with this decision, wholeheartedly. Respectfully, I pray that our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have overcome the barriers of fear that had them believing that Arthur and I were crazy for seeking Justice in Excellence Education for our 3 Gifted and Talented Black American children who utilized the good of their exceptional skills, talents and abilities with their own children in their individualized careers and ways of life.
Respectfully, I live in happiness for every one of my 3 children and 8 grandchildren and one great grand child..
Respectfully Submitted by GLORIA J Hunt Keith

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith

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