This is where my eyes heart mind and spirit opened to God’s Perfect

Plan for my life. Respectfully Submitted to God. I would love God and the people God chose for me to Excellently Educate as God opens up 🆙 the door of Excellence Education for and to me. Respectfully, many lives have touched my life since the profound beginning of the truth that I share with parents, children grandchildren and others like us in this Democracy Humanitarian Global Society. This was like me as I lied there in body. Yet, l, my spirit was with God, who had His Son shine the beaming lights of His eyes upon me as I crawled to get through Heaven’s gate asking all that I wanted to know. Respectfully. Yet, God gave what I needed to know at that time and sent me safely and securely home, from almost Heaven. The Son pulled the door of the gate, closed. And uttered, “It’s not time for you, yet”

#ActionSpeaks “EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED” by GLORIA J Hunt Keith

So what became of this little Black American girl raised in Northwest Florida. Respectfully Yet Born in Alabama. Gloria Jean Hunt. March 29 1964? This is November 4 2022. Is Gloria yet alive? How? Where?What? When?

Gloria Jean Hunt, an 11 year old Black American Girl walking down the road to Sunday School on Easter Sunday morning March 29 1964 was hit by a drunken Driver going 65 mph in a county road of 20 mp limit. The drunk left Gloria in the road for dead . He went to his sister’s home crawled in bed. The police found him there later took him to jail. The drunken driver had no driver’s license and no auto insurance . Gloria was taken to Bay Memorial Hospital . Dr. Smallwood and Dr. Morris respectfully worked to give this special little Black American Girl the best medical treatment and other premium humanitarian services.

Gloria Jean Hunt KEITH

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