As a child. A younger Black American girl I have Never Felt that I was Beneath the White Girl nor Any other person.

My own close family members have told me that being the person I am that God created me to me is the reason those elitist people don’t like me. It’s the reason why white people decided to “Blacklist me”. That is, if I truly am blacklisted or have been blacklisted in the past.

Now, I do remember various persons coming up to me in a sneaky way and whispered, “You May as well go underground because you won’t be able to live in liberty here, anymore.”. Then, this tall, skinny white man got off the bus on Cove Blvd and my street . He walked all the way down to my home to tell me that it’s not the white people that are fighting against me It’s your own Black preachers of your church community who are setting up meeting and calling us in to help stop you from supplying Black people what they need to live now and in the near future..

Yet, God spake to me, just do and go where and when I lead you to save your soul and keep your children moving forward in the pathways I have for your children

And so I do, walk in the way of God, our Ultimate Creator.

Respectfully Submitted

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith


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