Black Americans Have Different Stories To Tell About Being Black and Living Black in America . It not all Drugs and Crime. There Were More than One Gifted Black Child In My House. There were More than 3 Gifted Black children in Our Neighborhood. In Our Home and in Our Neighborhood, We taught Our Children the Values of Life through Live Community Creativity Performances.

Respectfully, Our Children taught and are teaching our grandchildren through real creativity performances of their lifetime.

“Different strokes for different folks “ says it all. This is a phrase that, perhaps, all of my readers have heard in your lifetime. Respectfully.

Yet, my thoughts and subject matter are streaming in a very different and, seemingly, difficult pathway. Respectfully.

It is within this post, I want to share with my readers, where I want this print , video and audio media to demonstrate tremendous necessity and desires for our children and ourselves in this moment, in this day and time.

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