My Parental Excellence Education Concern A “Far Cry” for Our Black American Children 2022

As I age, graciously, respectfully and gracefully, I am most thankful to God that our 3 children and others like them found their individual independence in the global human beings society. Respectfully.

However, I am, yet , very concerned about most Black American children within the United States of America who are having greater hardships in their own America. Communities. Churches. Homes. Schools. etc.

There is this esteemed Phobia that lye within bodies, minds, spirit lives of Black American parents, children, grandchildren, and others like us that a parent-educator, such as myself, ruined things for humanity amongst “normal” Black American children, women and men.

So, many Black Americans within the United States of America find it necessary and righteous to steal from us or label us, “crazy”. Not, respectfully appreciating nor walking through the doors opened for Black America by other outstanding Black Americans, labeled by traditional and non Traditional Americans oppressors and others like them, though sometimes described as internalized oppressors, haters, “crabs”.

Respectfully, my prayers and concerns are for our Black American children and grandchildren, in the final days and months of 2022.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith



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