My Parental Excellence Education Concern A “Far Cry” for Our Black American Children 2022 chapter 3

I remember my first child’s first word, 2 months old. I placed my fingers lightly on her throat many times a day and I would utter the word or words I wanted her to say. Then, I also placed her fingers on my throat and uttered the very same words. Sooner than later, my very first child would utter the sounds of the words she felt and heard me say to her.

At 6.5 months, my first child walked and never stopped. Her feet was too small for shoes But she walked on her tippy toes in her stocking feet.

Oh, my first child also used the potty at 6:5 months old. At 2 years, she spoke with the utmost clarity. 3 years , after getting the magazines from the coffee table and the magazine racks and replacing the booklets she didn’t want to read, she chose Bambi as the first book 📕 she read to us aloud.

Our first child started Pre-K at 3 years old. She didn’t waist any time letting her teacher know she could also spell the words she spoke. Her first spelling word was “apple”. She spelled the word the way it sounded to her, “Appol”.

Respectfully Submitted as copyrights of Gloria Jean Hunt KEITH



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