My Parental Excellence Education Concern A “Far Cry” for Our Black American Children 2022 chapter 2

I was hurt, when I asked a 15 year old teenager to read a letter that I received from a friend. She couldn’t read it. It was in cursive writing ✍️. Respectfully, when I saw her head go down in shame, I almost shed 😭 for her. Instead, I quickly realized that this wasn’t about my tears. It was her shame. I had to gain her trust to speak into her listening ear in order to help her overcome the shame.

I later found out the teachers don’t have cursive writing as a part of their curriculum. I explained that cursive writing ✍️ is pertinent for continual creativity communications. Yet, I found that would have to be shared in a classroom setting at home or part of a church program with many other children like her. Within our own Black American communities.

Respectfully Submitted

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith


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