Why Should You Invest $ In Me? My Professional Humanitarian Productivity?

Respectfully, I never wanted my retirement to be working nor dependent depressively on others to finalize my life’s works. Respectfully, it is happening that way. . Okay ✅. I will not leave my work undone. Neither will I leave my work undoubtedly. Respectfully, God is yet in charge of my life. Psalms reigns “Delight your self in God. God will give you the desires of your 💜. “

Finishing my life’s work, while including others who left their workable dreams in my head and those whose dreams were stolen or pulled from my hands by family members or close friends without the understanding of what I have been asked to do for them that their souls may be in peace and their family members of future generations will respectfully live in their honor . Respectfully, I will use personal $ investments for professional productivity and publishing that will include the testimonies of the men and women that requested me to include a last deed for every one of them. Respectfully, the 💰 or a righteous way was made by every one of the private senior citizens entrusted me to their life’s purposes and their dreams to better humanity. Certain family members placed barriers in the pathways, unbeknownst to “why me”?

Respectfully, today, I see why I was approached by several specific members of the human race were definitely dependent upon me to make legal actions to improvise their dreams.

I don’t know who will make investments of $ in my final works of Art for the betterment of humanity and Global Democracy, in America and the world of other nations. Respectfully, I appreciate you.

Respectfully Submitted

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith


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