I have the Beauty to Get My Books & Other Publications Out to the Entire Globe! By Gloria Jean Hunt KEITH .

Respectfully. I am yet, beautiful, physically, mentally, audibly, visually, socially, spiritually , with happiness, understanding, wisdom, grace, justifiably, and gently. My God-given and my acquired knowledge matches with the most accomplished man or woman in 2022 and many of those scholars before me.

It is with e exuberant responsibilities and respect that I am requesting your agape love and accountable respectability for you to order now my pre-published books (3), in media formats of 1. Print 2. Audio 3. Video . I have everything else covered with the exception of money đź’° for fine production and publishing the final works.

Many others have stole from me, borrowed from me, some, very simply, taken, respectfully. Yet, my needs are essential, now. Respectfully, I need your financial investments to proceed with my life in retirement not owing anyone anything but to live the rest of my life giving who, where, when I please. Respectfully, this means respectfully and honorably returning your investments of funds with interests to every one of you who will wholeheartedly agree to invest in my professional productivity and publishing of my 3 best selling publications.

Respectfully Submitted, Gloria Jean Hunt Keith , publisher


October 17, 2022

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith

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