Why would human beings want to place an Oppressor in the seat as President of the United States of America? I am a Professional Humanitarian who, in 2017, God charged to find Professional Humanitarian Representatives. Respectfully, God gave the definition of Humanitarian Representatives I am to find. Any human being in the position of leadership in any professionall capacity is a Professional Humanitarian Representative. It matters not what your field of study may be, your ultimate purpose is to serve humanity. Not to kill human beings or humanity.Oppressors are killing humanity and hum beings in various sorts of ways, 2022. If we, human beings elect a reprobate ment to seat in the seat as the President of the United States of America, we, human beings are solidifying or making it easier to kill human beings and humanity along with Democracy.Respectfully, what happens when human beings loses humanity and Democracy? Human lives are no longer considered as Godly creations. There is no life in earth and no reason for God to create more human beings in physical nor spiritual formation. No life.Respectfully, I ask, every human beings within the sound of my voice to vote and elect Professional Humanitarian Representatives. Human Beings , that, not only know their jobs well and very well. But human beings that know their positions in life are to save humanity, Democracy and other human beings as God willed it so. In love. Not Oppression. Not as an oppressor. Respectfully, encourage other human beings to vote Professional Humanitarian Representatives for all USA elections 2022.ActionSpeaks

Vote Professional Humanitarian Representatives 2022

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