My Life For Me Now

MY LIFE FOR ME NOW 2022- 2052

  by GLORIA Jean Hunt Keith

 September 28 2022



The amazing inspiration I have received from people of Color since 2017. The show stopping reality I have reaped during my classrooms of ReEvaluation Therapy from Harvey Jackins, Barbara Love, Debbie, and so many others with in the hall I walked and those that walked with me through my designated years of learning and teaching as well as simple sharing the Human Side of Human Beings 1986- yet 2022. The birthrights of being Gloria Jean Hunt from 1951 pre-birth and born 1952 through hell and high waters, I live my life as God, our Ultimate Creator has brought me, indeed to this moment, I don’t have to unearthly strive to keep my family members including my children happy with me nor I with them. Respectfully I can live out my information and inspiration as I want to. I can build and establish for me. I can love ❤️ whom and how I want for me I can use all creativity God has given me ,for me. And, thanks be to God, I can now began utilizing all of my Giftedness for and through me. Respectfully if you, within the sound of my voice and reading this writ from my pen want what you hear and see can weep Tremendous Possible and Positive benefits from all that I am and know I will be throughout human life and spiritual Eternity. Respectfully Submitted GLORIA J Hunt KEITH GJean Keith. #ActionSpeaks

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