JAZZMAN’S Blues by Tyler Perry will Air on NetFlix tonight September 23rd 2022

Respectfully, I watched Jazzman’s Blues. Respectfully. I 🥰 it. I was lively awake thoroughly. This movie was different than any of the other Tyler Perry movies. It was not definitely not a Madea presentation. Madea never appeared in promotions nor in the movie. Tyler Perry presented all of the trailers. A strong man image directed and produced a great Forbidden Love movies of the 1940s.

I am not surprised by the color oppression so real in the 1940s and yet exist specifically in the Louisiana cities. So of course, Mr. Perry being a Louisiana man would have included the color oppression yeah one of the internalized oppression forms within New Orleans as well as other cities in the state of Louisiana. For the color oppression yes exist even today in 2022 within the black American race in Louisiana.The movie also addressed the Jewish holocaust through a jewish Actor.There were many oppression forms including what I consider the worst oppression former, adult ism. That’s when parents or other guardians purposely harm or hurt children. Mostly you Will find adult ism used by step parents and families. Today there are more use of adult ism by foster parenting. Adult ism is considered my worst enemy within the American system of human beings.Jazz man’s bluesCaught my attention when I saw how the stepfather treated The star actor, Bayou. this internalized race ism or oppression form isn’t practice today not just in New Orleans or Louisiana but the whole system of America. This is another form of oppression that must be eradicated before we can move forward into a future of rationality.I am thankful to Dr. Tyler Perry for presenting a for real Great movie of the past, yet exist, unfortunately, today with in 2022.Thank you Tyler Perry for a great movie directed and produced by you but played by Great and New actors and actresses. Again I say thank you from the bottom of my heart respectfully submitted Gloria J Hunt chief, Publisher, editor, and author, of action speaks heritage excellence education journal.


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