UnProfessional and Disrespectful People Sitting in the Seats of Professional Humanitarian Representatives. Why?

To ruin the lives of many in need of the substances they have been put in charge of for clients in need of the merchandise their employers sell to help human beings heal.

It was actually one month ago. August 2022, I requested my control substance from a legitimate and well known pharmacy . I was told that it would be ready for pick up within 2 hours. Respectfully I sent the usual person over to this legal pharmacy to pick up my legitimate medication. There was one excuse after the other which ended in I did not and could not get my prescriptions. Although my doctor had Professionally prescribed. The insurance company had released them and my associates were authorized to pick the Professionally prescribed medications by me. Another day of agony and distress. Mainly, because the personnel setting in the seat of the scornful refused in haltered to hold me in bondage y keeping a Professionally prescribed medication from me. ….

Now, it is September 2022, time again, to order the same controlled substance from, not my most respectfully acquired pharmacy. But, the same well known pharmacy company I was forced to order from last month because they held my controlled legitimate substance within the confines of their care and would not do the righteous thing.

Respectfully, I called in to order my prescription, the controlled substance to see if the last prescription medication was there as my doctor office had told me it was during last month’s visit. Yes. The answer I was given by the Pharmacy representative. I requested the prescription refill of the medication. The pharmacy representative said yes you can pick your prescription up. I will get it ready. I asked, do you have any other prescriptions in your care for me that I can also pick up. She asked ,like what? I named several that was also yet there and some prescriptions that had been appropriately transferred by my request.

I asked when will the prescriptions that you have there for me ready for pick up? It was 9:40 AM on Monday morning September 19, 2022.


The Major Pharmacy representative said within two hours. Those prescriptions were , Gabapentin Coreg, Isosorbide and she said Amitiza would be ready. The pharmacy representative never said there would be any charge. Respectfully, around 12 noon, I requested that one of my regular drivers take me to pick up my medications at this pharmacy of the recent past. I explained this particular pharmacy.. I had my prescriptions that had not been transferred to my new pharmacy, that I need now.

So my driver took me to the window of the major pharmacy to acquire the prescriptions that had not been transferred to my new Pharmacy.

Got to the window. The Pharmacy representative came to the window. Gave my name. She requested my address. Then she said one of these medications need $58.00. I asked, which medication? She said the name of the medication. I told her I couldn’t pay for that medication which is generally approved for the same as the other medications. I said to her I will take the other medications. The pharmacy representative sent out notes to be signed. I signed and realized that there were only 2 of 3 medications expected. Yet, because of my thriving pain and low sugar, I had to get home and eat something. My sugar had dropped to 44.

I remember asking Billy to take me to get something to eat because my sugar was low. The last thing I remember clearly.

Later, I called to the major pharmacy of the past as well as my ne Professional Humanitarian Pharmacy Representative. Their responses were as different as night and day.

Part II Professional Humanitarian Pharmacy Humanitarian Representatives vs Professional Pharmacy Representatives with “Bad Attitudes “

Respectfully Submitted Gloria J Hunt Keith, Publisher #ActionSpeaks


Part II UnProfessional and Disrespectful People Sitting in the Seats of Professional Humanitarian Representatives. Why?

Again I was promised by this Pharmacy Representative that I could pick up my most needed prescription that wasn’t sent to my new pharmacy because of it being a controlled substance. Respectfully

But the Pharmacy Representative refused to send or give me the Prescription she knew I requested and needed most. No error. No mistake. Just pure evilness of the Pharmacy Representative.

I called the message said no one here to answer your call in the pharmacy. After so many calls, I spoke with Beverly the store operator just as puzzled as I was. Beverly expressed her concern several times to me and tried again to connect to someone in the pharmacy. After 6:PM my call was answered by a Pharmacy Representative.

When I asked about my most necessary prescription medication the Pharmacy Representative said because it wasn’t filled I asked when can I pick it up or have someone to pick it up. She said, we’re on a 3 hours hold. We close at 9pm. I, then asked could I speak with the supervisor or store manager. I spoke with store manager. He allowed me to share all. At the end, he said, I can’t help you. But, I will give you to someone who can. So again, I poured my heart out in much pain to her. She told me , we have a 3 hour hold. It could be earlier filled. I don’t know. I will text you, when it’s done. I never got a text. I am up at 4 AM. NO TEXT. 6:36 AM no text from this more popular pharmacy.

No. It’s not WALMART NOR WALGREENS.Yet popular pharmacy.

Respectfully. What I’m learning is the personalities, though group sets skills and behavior patterns acceptances. The cruelty of one employee is not necessarily the behavior patterns of all. Yet, we must be careful to observe the supervision over the bad behavior patterns of the one that chooses cruel behavior patterns when addressing a client or customer.


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