“EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED”. About the Author by Gloria J Hunt KEITH

Respectfully. I want my readers to know something about me as the Best selling Author ✍️ of “EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED” by Gloria J Hunt KEITH . So I will share some major things, that happened during my first 3 remember an occurrence during the first 3 years of my life that I never forgot. My dad came home late on this particular night. We lived at 806 Scott Street. The house we lived in was , styled as a two family home. There were two front doors. 2 living rooms. Two fire places and double everything. Normally the house was built for two families. years of living as a human being in Talladega Alabama . I was born the 9th and last child of my mother . Yes. My mother had, kept, and raised all nine children . Respectfully , my father’s mother, “Okay qNanny “ helped my mom with raising us. Mom came very close to dying after she birthed me. My dad was abusive to my mom. Yet, my mom was a strong-minded God fearing Black American woman.

Gloria was born in Talladega Alabama on May 28 1952 to Claude and Effie Doris Hunt. In Citizens Hospital. Respectfully Gloria was Effie’s only child of nine children born in a city hospital. Respectfully

Gloria Jean Hunt (Keith)

At 2 years, Gloria’s oldest sibling, Catherine, read the Biblical version of The Lord’s 🙏. Catherine taught Gloria to read The Lord’s Prayer. This was the very first thing GLORIA learned to read. Everything else was magically easy as Gloria continually read everything she wanted with the assistance of all of Gloria’s 8 siblings.

Gloria read recipes that were intriguing to her. Gloria’s continually approached her siblings and her mother about teaching her to cook. At the 4 years old, Gloria’s Mother and Siblings saw that Gloria was “too smart” to stay home. Gloria was enrolled into Kindergarten. Well, kindergarten was great. Yet, not challenging for Gloria. But, it was over challenging for Ms. Simmons, Gloria’s Kindergarten teacher.

When Ms. Simmons left the class, GLORIA became her classmates’ teacher. Box dot letters were what Ms Simmons taught her Kindergarten class. Much to Ms Simmons, surprise. While out of her classroom, GLORIA was teaching her class mates how to write cursive.

Gloria was far beyond Kindergarten. So GLORIA was respectfully withdrawn by Ms Simmons and taken home where she remained until the Eastside Elementary School opened doors for classes.

Gloria enrolled as a first grader at 5 years old. Respectfully. Gloria soon exceeded the first grade. Gloria’s teacher, Mrs Sims and the school administrators advised Gloria’s mom to allow them to forward Gloria on to the 3rd grade which was also taught by Mrs. Sims. Respectfully

Gloria paused in 2nd grade with Mrs Curry who was desperate to keep Gloria in second grade for the full year. Although, Mrs. Curry’s plan did not work for Gloria nor for Gloria’s family members, especially Catherine. Catherine made an abrupt trip to Mrs Curry’s classroom when she saw the physical abuse briefly made on Gloria.

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