Tyler Perry Is…

Tyler Perry Wholeheartedly as I see him

By Gloria Jean Hunt Keith, Author ✍️ “EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED”

I’m very proud of you, Tyler Perry, respectfully, Jazzman Blues. You demonstrate that you are, truly, Tyler Perry, not “Madea “. You prove to the Global Human Being Society that you are Tyler Perry. Madea is a character that kept you motivated, actively moving in this capitalist society with knowledge and wisdom as well as understanding of turning your God-Giftedness into marketable talents and skills. This treasure brought you to a Billionaire status. Respectfully, you are now allowing your audience to see Tyler Perry in the other Professional capacities that you are and you own, internally and externally. Respectfully I am proud of Tyler Perry as a wholeheartedly master-minded Black American 🇺🇸 Man. Respectfully. Who could ask for anymore from and for you Dr. Tyler Perry. May God continue to bless you as you are turning all of your Professional Humanitarian servicing to the Global Humanity Society. And, what a benefit it will be when your God given supporters wake up in continual positive attitude s and attention to strengthening you…Respectfully Submitted


Gloria Jean Hunt Keith

One response to “Tyler Perry Is…”

  1. ACTION SPEAKS HERITAGE EXCELLENCE EDUCATION JOURNAL is founded created. Produced,Developed, Written, Editor, Published by Gloria Jean Hunt Keith.. copyright since 1980.
    Respectfully Submitted Gloria J Hunt Keith.


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