Gloria’s Professional Humanitarian Medical Team in Dothan Alabama

God’s Tremendous Healing Methodologies Utilizing Professional Humanitarian Medical Doctors/their Medical Teams in Dothan Alabama. 2022 While During COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

By Gloria J Hunt Keith

52 yrs Professional Humanitarian Journalism/ Christian Ministerial Visionary EXCELLENCE EDUCATION JOURNAL PUBLISHER EDITOR AUTHOR and National Recognition as an Eradication Representative of Racism and other Major Oppression with in the United States of America.

Gloria J Keith arriving from Surgical procedure

Surgical procedure went well, though the fall aggravated the lumbar and cervical with more inflammation, yet no metal out of place and no more surgeries necessary. Praise God, said Dr. EVANS. The inflammation may not be as increased if not allergies. Can be gone or reduced with the epidural treatments for procedure (I had today) no major activities such as Physical Therapy for the rest of this week nor next week. PT should start in a week/half. Allowing the epidural to do its things. Set updates for Cervical as needed. Stay safe and careful. No more late nights nor dates…for now. Lol. I love ❤️ y’all. Hallelujah!

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