Gloria J Hunt Keith

Join Gloria J Hunt KEITH in home Historical Hymns and Compositional Contemporary Songs of God’s Praise by Gloria J Hunt KEITH Records since 1975 in Hampton Virginia with Shedrick Kahn and Phillips Fields Music Directors in Hampton Institute (University) and a small sampling of Voices background to Gloria’s documented successful performances and recordings. During the time GLORIA lived in Hampton Virginia, GLORIA ministered in live television sessions as Professional Prayer  Counselor with Pat Roberson TBN. Virginia Beach VA. Respectfully GLORIA J Hunt Keith was licensed as a Professional Humanitarian Minister (12 yrs old) and ordained by God traveled with other Professional Humanitarian Representatives and Evangelists serving as Professional Mentors of Godgiven Wisdom that would become Gloria J Hunt Keith’s Surrounding Armor of Faith throughout Gloria’s many years of struggles and stress making necessary changes that would no longer block the open doors to equalize opportunities for Black American Gifted and Talented individuals while making lifelong decisions to turn their Giftedness into positive and professional marketable talents and individual skills of excellence education and real life experiences. A gracious Saturday Afternoon greetings to all of my Facebook friends and family members. As you should know because I have been texting and leaving messages for you about my healing concerning my broken ankle. Although I am yet healing in my home, I am preparing to share with you an in-home musical concert of my renditions of historical church hymns and my own compositional contemporary songs of praise to God.Respectfully I’m sharing this  concert with you my friends and family members that have been praying for my positive conclusive healing of my Health conditions at this time. I will not be a prisoner in my own home. So I continue to praise God because he is the head of my life and will continue to be without any substitutes. Music has been always beneficially blessed our lives through my grandfather wrote hymns and songs for churches and his day of evangelizing the country. My mother continued to train us up in the way that God delivers us from trials and tribulations that’s good as barriers in our ways of life. So come share with me I will be live on YouTube my actions speaks heritage excellence education journal video space and studio. The live session will convene at 12 noon. Sunday, July 17, 2022. I will leave it up on YouTube as well as copy to my story area on Facebook. Join in with meAnd continue to keep me in your prayers as I continue to keep you in my songs and music of praise to God in prayer. Respectfully submitted Gloria J HUNT Keith, evangelist. Publisher of action speaks heritage excellent education journal. #ActionSpeaks

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