The Importance of Listening

Good Morning Audience. I Am Healing ❤️‍🩹 Broken Ankle. Respectfully Continually Positive Postings July 10 2022

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Respectfully. I’m not Okay with the overturn of Women Rights. Just as taking 🙏 out of School system. It didn’t end there. God , Our Ultimate Creator is no longer the foundation of our entire School System. Respectfully Overturn Roe vs Wade. Will it end there? Respectfully, I believe that the beginning of controlling the rights of women is now. Whenever one right is stolen by a group of narcissistic beings. The Narcissistic personality strengthens to continue Ware fair. Respectfully , Submitted GLORIA J Keith.


Gloria J Keith

Yet. I am watching more news. Respectfully I learned years ago that Listening  is an . People hear you. But they also hear themselves at the same time that they hear you. Make no mistake the information is transferred from you to them and from them to you. The problem is mis-storage of the information whether pertinent or not. 

When listening and/or listened to, information is sufficiently storages in appropriate context of your brain. Remember this lesson ,please as you listen to the January 6, Raid of the White House, Washington DC. Respectfully only if you are interested and washing it. 

Gloria J Keith

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  1. Thank you 🙏 WordPress and Get Noticed With Videos for your continuing support and Professional Humanitarian Representation assistance with new technologies to help me, an aged Black American Woman Visionary. I give this Godly praise during this blessed holiday Juneteenth 2022. #ActionSpeaks


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