Ushers in Church, Sergeants of Arms, Security, Secret Services, and more like them are Preventative Trouble Shooters In the Church and Affiliations of the Church and other functions and performances, Globally similarities where protection is necessary.

I, respectfully, remember, mother in her Gifted area. Usher. Many human beings think very little of Church Ushers. But my mother was different. I wrote most of my mother’s church programs as well as her visionary plans for our especially visionary programs for my mother and other member of our family.

Mom believed that Ushers were actually pertinent members of Church Leadership within the church. Not just her own. But Mom facilitator, of many church and family programs before mother finalized her spiritual transformation.

I remember taking dictation for my mother. I served as a special assistance to write the visions of many visionary artists 👩‍🎨. Respectfully

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