Global Security: “Watchmen On The Walls”

“Watchmen On The Walls“

Coming Very Soon!!!

Respectfully, A Major Cause Revelation of Mass Murders National and International.

Appropriate, Disorganized, Respectful, Lacking of SECURITY

Black American Woman Visionary have, many years crying out to America to establish Professional Humanitarian Think Tanks within Underserved Black America and other People of Color Communities for preventative measures to 🛑 or intervene in hurting or harming our children, respectfully.. This Unsung,yet, high political Black America person, continues building her own Think Tank of Preparing Professional Humanitarian Representatives , over 5000 friends and other followers, respectfully, have joined this Think-Tank, online.

“Global Security: “Watchmen on the Wall”


Professional Humanitarian Think Tank suggests that “Security “ is a major and global action issue in all mass murders in every state, City, community , schools, many of the persons were shot due to the lack of Major and Bravery Security. Respectfully, the Security were not in place.

Sure gun control must be considered and consciously modified. Yet, making changes in gun control is taking a lot of time because the elitist own gun organizations and companies. As well as the favorite gun ownership. They’re not realistically willing to give up their guns, “willi-nilli”.

Respectfully, “SECURITY “ Proposal will be documented in our United States Congress as a Modification consideration, aptly. In the meantime, ACTION SPEAKS HERITAGE EXCELLENCE EDUCATION 📓 Suggestive Professional Proposal for America Professional Security Modification in/for America Democracy and Humanity in every corner of where human beings live, learn, shop, and pray, must have appropriate, and most of all the safest freedom in America to earn the respect of Americans and other human beings in our global human beings society.

Respectfully Submitted

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith ,founder/publisher


June7 2022 10:40 A. M.

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith. Publisher


Kaynecia and Donald Johnson
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Kaynecia and Donald Johnson

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