Gloria’s Dothan Alabama Medical Team

Professional Humanitarian Representatives of Health and Happiness are who I have at arms reach in Dothan Alabama fulfilling my Medical Needs.

Respectfully. I am truly amazed of every human being I have as a positive individual intelligent medical entity in my life working with me to keep me safe and among the living.

Every time that God decides to bring an additional Medical Specialist to my almost 5 years old Dothan Alabama Team of Medical Professionals, God gives a very thoughtful and unusual situation in the midst of our commit to each other that is uniquely amazing. Let’s open the page on today, May 23, 2022. You see, about six days ago, I fell to the floor of my foyer. My floor is linoleum with no carpet attached to it to soften the blow of a fall. As long as I have been living in this apartment, I have never fallen.I was awaken abruptly by a Christian tenant of the same apartment complex. She had left something that she urgently, during that very same day. So she during the late night to get it. I had fallen asleep , unfortunately, an hour before she beamed on my door. So, I woke up, in a panic state, reached out, grabbed hold from the sofa to my wooden office desk, rushed towards the door, forgetting that the closer I get to my front door,there was a blank space before touching the lock on the door and unlock it. . I didn’t have my glasses nor did I hold on to my roulette Walker as I should had. So, down on the floor I hit hard. I usced a traditional suave to rub on my left foot and my 🦵. And, respectfully, my friend helped me up moving with me back to the sofa for Tiger balm rub.

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