Hello My Facebook friends and Family Members. Brief News From GJean Keith

I’m delaying my ACTION SPEAKS Facebook friends and Family Members INTERVIEWS a little slower. My left leg and feet are dressed up in a purple cast from knee down to five wiggly toes for the next 6 weeks. I’m not stopped. Respectfully, yet I’m slowed down.

If you had the responsibility to write a news journal 📔 what would you place as your cover story for June 2022? Respectfully every Facebook friend of GJean KEITH has an equal opportunity to write the cover story for ACTION SPEAKS HERITAGE EXCELLENCE EDUCATION JOURNAL for JUNE 2022 and July 2022.

What a great birthday present that will be for Gloria Jean Hunt Keith, Publisher, Editor and General CEO/Reporter. Respectfully, send in your special Resume to Action Speaks Gloria J Keith 342 South Saint Andrews Street Apt 804 Dothan, Alabama 36301

One response to “Hello My Facebook friends and Family Members. Brief News From GJean Keith”

  1. Respectfully Thank all of you, individually, for your gracious understanding and responses to my blogs and other positive writings and the real from my simple brain and affectionate heartfelt relationship in AGAPE Love ❤️.


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