My Heart is heavy. I am in Constant Meditation 🧘 This Day . Respectfully, I never ever want to feel what every one of the 10 Families in Buffalo, NY felt in the Appointed Time. Cry!!! “Crying is A Godly tool for Healing.”

I am sadden by the criminal process that permitted 10 human beings to be killed before intervention occurred by a brave and professional humanitarian, official who stood in the stead of other human beings losing their lives because traditional oppression of other human lives are seemingly different and unwarranted as well as evil-thoughts running rampant in the minds of many narcissistic beings feeling they are greater than life, deservingly taking the lives,, of the different, yet closer to God, respectful humanitarians of Agape love, ready to move up countless levels of God, our Ultimate Creator.
While the killer lerks in his cell supposedly supported and surrounded by those “misery loves company” other beings, the 10 precious individual human beings, whose humanitarian futures on earth, was purposely snatched , from the 🌍 vessels are, lovingly happy in their Spiritual Transformation, 🎶 singing in the glorious and heavenly Choir of God’s Gracious Truth, “Take me to the King”. Every precious Gifted life of the 10 individuals taken by evil charges, God will and has made their heroic stance , a virtuous moment in their heavenly 🏡. Yes, cry. Shed your tears. Heal, individually. While we continue to unite and heal together on 🌍 whereas, when Satan, in whatever form or shape taken against God’s humanitarian service persons on this earth will be tried in the everlasting fire 🔥 which only God can change. For “This battle is not yours nor mine, it’s God’s, Our Ultimate Creator of All Good. Respectfully Submitted GJean Keith #actionspeaks

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