Announcing My True Easter Story of My “Resurrection from Death”Coming Easter Sunday Morning. A brief summary

My Special Easter Message, “My Easter Morning Ressurrection from Death, after being left in the streets for Dead”. Easter Sunday Morning as I was Walking to Sunday School. The Driver of the Car drove 65 miles an hour on a Community Road that we often walk to church on. Easter Sunday Morning happened. God never left me. The driver keep going and hit a house not far away for where he left me in the street. It was then I actually died.(more on my website: www. I live in service for God to others because I know the Truth. I walk therein. Not in misery. But in joy , love and happiness. Most of my time. Without regrets, ever. Learning knowledge, wisdom and complete understandings of who, what and why “God Is” I shall also with everyone of you, my first recording, “This World of Confusion Turn to God’s Love and Grace” by GLORIA Hunt KEITH. Respectfully Submitted GJean KEITH #actionspeaks. Coming Saturday Morning 10:00 AM
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