Will Smith Slapping of Chris Rock. Was It Traditionally Justified, Traditionally? In 2022?

Gloria J Hunt Keith

Will Smith made a traditional valid move against the man, Chris Rock’s public humiliation of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s wife. Historically, this was what “real men” would do.

The slapping to Chris Rock’s face would have turned into a duel between the 2 males to resolve the issue.

2022, males don’t duel or physically slap faces in public places where rich human beings have an organized celebratory performance in the process, especially the Black folks allowed in the event.

There is, however, a process, psychological process, used today, and since 1952, in over 60 countries, including America, Re-Evaluation Counseling. In over 9 languages. Harvey Jackins, a True Professional Humanitarian, founder, and facilitator, secured Re-Evaluation Counseling until his death, in 1999.

I was specially chosen, to be taught Re-Evaluation Counseling, and granted a Crash course scholarship to be a teacher of Re-Evaluation Counseling, taught by the great Professional Humanitarian at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, 1986.

I have taught Re-Evaluation Counseling techniques to both Professionals and lay humanitarians and participated in many classes and workshops. I have continually used Re-Evaluation in all of my classes of creative Arts from babies to Senior Citizens of all creeds and colors from all careers, individually and in groups.

The greatest mentoring message given to me by Harvey Jackins was to go to your own persons of color, share all that you learn from me through literature and speech, truth, claim it as your own to reach the intended, chronically distressed, externalized, and internalized distressed under-served human being with preventative measures of Re-Evaluation Counseling.

Black American Rich people have too often gone to the traditional Rich people for their answers. What’s wrong with that picture is what we saw live on television, radios, and print media as well as social media, everywhere. Life for Will Smith and Chris Rock will never be the same because the action taken was public, in 2022, by Black American males.

How can we think that an oppressor is willing to help end oppression?


Oh. Know this. Respectfully. Chris Rock was not Will Smith’s issue. What Will Smith did is called Internalized Oppression. Sure. Chris Rock re-stimulated the distress chronically aggravated in Will Smith. Like the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”.

I don’t know what stirred Smith to walk up to Chris Rock like his character in “WILD WILD WEST” and smack Chris Rock across his face like men used to do to prove the male was a man challenging another male to a duel.

Will Smith is the only one who can share his for real explanation. Yet. Respectfully Will Smith need to locate Re-evaluation Counselors. Or someone else who will listen, confidentially in a safe place.

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