Greetings To My Facebook and Potential Facebook Friends

Gloria J Hunt Keith April 2022

Another day of appreciation for my FB friends. Happy birthday to you. No other birthday than April 1, 2022. No other day is like this day. Be blessed.
Also, to listeners and readers. Be aware of the multiple scams and Identity Theft considerations by calling and contacting Senior Citizens from $ to Gift Cards to whatever. Don’t bow nor give them the time of day. Better. Don’t answer first contact. They use their God-given intellect to actually sounds believable. Let God, Our Ultimate Creator handle them. You. Stay safe. You are not alone in this life. God yet, have human beings who direct their Faith in Our True and Almighty God. You will know them. They have no fear of real-time talk, audio, and video communications, in the beginning. Phone and Television. Video Communications. Senior money back is a simple process of changing out your Medicare Obligations you already have to a medical program that benefits the person, an agent of another private company who robs “Peter to pay Paul”. They call this doing you “No Harm”. Their lies will harm and hurt you. Don’t answer calls or texts on Facebook, or any other Social Media unless you know or have the strength in God to believe NO Harm will be done.
In all things, acknowledge God and continue to be a Professional Humanitarian. LOVE of GOD will guide you.
Respectfully Submitted, #ActionSpeaks GJean Keith

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