Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Attacked by a Law School Enemy Senate Confirmations 2022


Yes. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the Supreme Court Justice for enrollment 2022. I must say Senator Ted Cruz has a historical hated towards Judge Jackson which he evidenced through the black box that most psychiatrists talk about at the beginning stages. Senator Cruz has been building and carrying around the udefamation of Judge Jackson since law school at Harvard University. Speak to some of his friends and classmates. I’m certain that some of them are truthfully over owners of the defecting racism and sexism that Senator Cruz accesses as a comfortable ingredient of his heart felt oppressive behavior pattern. Respectfully Judge Jackson kept her calmness. Respectfully in a courtroom he would have been penalized. Senator Cruz. Hopefully discharged all of his distress in the Senate Hearing. For he didn’t allow equal time to his oppression victim at that time, Supreme Court Judge Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. #ActionSpeaks

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