Rosa Parks. Why Did Rosa End Life in a Government Project? Rosa Parks was an Earthly Queen Who Should Have Professional Humanitarians At Her Side Throughout Her Life as a Professional Humanitarian Standing in the Light for Freedom For Every One Else. Respectfully. Who Stood for Rosa Parks Safety in this land of Humanity? #ActionSpeaks

Let’s Think. Respectfully. Later we talk of Secret Services for Black American Women Who Stand in the Light for Every One, humanity.

May 21, 2022 #ActionSpeaks

Gloria J. Keith Educator Teaching Professional Humanity to Underserved Human Beings

Respectfully GLORIA J Keith has received Honorary Awards from Rosa Parks. Florida Voters Leagues. National acknowledged for resolving individual and group racial tensions. Gloria has taught mixed race classes in Computer 💻 Literacy and to mixed race males,Ms. Keith taught Computer Technology.

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