Respectfully. Honor Due To Black American Women Visionaries March 2022 Celebration of Women


Madree Penn White, American Woman.

Madree Penn White . Respectfully. Visionary. Delta Sigma Theta While A Gifted Student of Howard University

Giving Honor To Whom Honor Is Due

Respectfully. I have found over many years of individualized Research and Study, Black Americans have unfortunate issues when declaration and demonstration, right before their very eyes , giving absolute honor to the Black American Woman Visionary. Black American Woman Visionary is grouped with the persons that the Black Woman Visionary called to her side after having the vision. She shares in part, what she envisioned with some of closest friends, Allie’s and associates that she feels will, at best, represent those human beings in her vision. Respectfully.

Those friends, Allie’s, and Associates begin with a declaration of assistance to the Black American Woman’s Vision becoming a reality right before their very eyes. After several documents began to circulate within and outside communities, there is a storm line with broadcast and print media looking for the greatest storyline of the vision and the visionary. Respectfully, the media representatives find someone around them that knows something about the now, “Dreamers “ of this great idea . There begins the split between the Black American Woman Visionary and her confidential team of assistance.

Madree Penn White is my very first Black American Woman Visionary.

Suffragist 1890-1920

Respectfully. I was sought out , chosen, and requested to capture the story of this tremendous and great Professional Humanitarian as well a writer and Black American Woman Visionary and her “ Team of Assistance “. Once, I did this in-depth research and study on Madree Penn White. I sent the story in just hours before deadline as other writers did, also.

A few weeks past. So, I decided to send a text to the director. Respectfully I requested an update on the celebration. I asked about my document. I was told that was written quite well. I was told it didn’t make it in the big book. I contacted someone else on the board. The very same line as the director. Yet, I was able to acquire more information on why my document on Madree Penn White. Madree Penn was highly much more than a Black woman suffrage. Respectfully Madree held back on telling all of her vision as you will find in my Madree Penn White, the story of a Black American Woman Visionary founded Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and wearing several more major hats. Respectfully, you will find in my short story of Madree Penn White. March 2022 American Women Month.

Biography of Madree Penn White was written by a request from a representative of Women Suffrage Committee for an honorable Celebrating of 💯.

Madree Penn was Born 1892. Respectfully. Madree Penn White Died 1967

By Gloria J Hunt Keith, Parent-educator,Visionary Founder, Editor, Publisher, Professional Humanitarian Author.

Madree Penn was born on November 21, 1892, to John and Mattie Penn, Atchison, Kansas.  Madree Penn had five siblings. Their names are Elijah, Marshall, Noel, Jenny, and William, of Omaha, Nebraska. Madree Penn graduated from Central High School in Omaha, Nebraska in 1909 with honors .

Madree Penn was a very Gifted and talented Black American woman. She turned down scholarships to the University of Iowa and the University of Nebraska to attend Howard University.

Howard University is and has always been a National African American Historical Prestigious College, now University, located in our nation’s capital, WASHINGTON, D.C. Howard University became a federally chartered private educational sectarian historically Black University. Howard University is categorized by the Carnegie Foundation as a research University with higher research activities and is accredited by the middle States Commission on higher education.

Madree Penn was the first woman chosen as Editorial assistance of the Howard University Journal. Madree Penn was leader in many pertinent educational institutions of knowledge for American communities as well as other global community education programs.

 Madree Penn was the very first woman editor of the Howard Journal, campus newspaper[very close]. Madree Penn joined the affiliation of many civil and community , as well as school, organizations such as the Classical Club. Penn served as President of the campus chapter, YWCA. She was vice president of student branch, NAACP. Madree was also Vice president of the Social Science Club and the Class Journalist.

 Madree Penn White served vice-president and treasurer of her class during her years at Howard University. Madree Penn graduated Cum Laude in 1914 from Howard University. Madree Penn was voted the “Most Popular” as well as came in third place for “Who Has Done The Most” for HOWARD University.

     1912, The very first American Woman Suffrage Procession was headed towards Washington, DC,  to be the first Woman Suffrage Parade in Washington, D.C, 1913, according to the WOMAN’S JOURNAL AND SUFFRAGE NEWS, March 8, 1913.

    1912, Madree Penn, A young American Black woman  Visionary, Howard University student,  determined  to be a powerful, yet silent force to take a part in this American history and to certify others like herself,  would get through the opened doors of opportunity to liberty and justice for all in America,  by being  participants in the first American Woman  Suffrage  Parade, 1913, in Washington DC.     

 1912, the time was right. Madree Penn, quietly, and successfully chose 21 other American Black Women, like herself,  Howard University Students of Excellence education.  These 22 American Black Women HU students  would  be strong advocates, continually, of one of the Most Pertinent and most powerful humanitarian visions in American history,   designed and  implemented by the same Madree Penn  with 21 other  American Black Women, Howard University students of Excellence education. Madree Penn and the other 21 chosen American Black HU students  would    rise   across the globe. 

   Madree Penn,  with 21 other especially selected Howard University women  students would change the world of humanity by bringing to real life this vision of unity and humanity.

1912 was the perfect year for  Madree Penn to reveal    this vision she carried and protected within her heart and soul, of humanity and unity.

 This vision,  one Strong-minded,  Gifted, Intelligent, Talented, Godly Chosen, Professional Humanitarian, Madree Penn,  carried, was finally ready to share from  within her very soul, one of the Most Pertinent Visions, ever,   within  the history of the American Black Community.

 1912, was  the year, the right time, God’s Visionary  Plan of Action for Madree Penn’s Vision  to be unfolded and revealed  to 21 other like-minded  American Black Women HU students  that would  pledge to advocate continuing support as needed to appropriately make real changes  in our national as well as international society-wide  humanity. Through the greatest, most dynamic vision, ever, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority would grow, gracefully.  The American Black Community was not experiencing equality in civil rights and justice.  American Black s were being hung in trees and used as slaves.

      During 1912, Madree Penn  and other chosen  21 Gifted and Talented strong-mind  American Black  women,  she knew and understood the need for professional Humanitarians to stand and be dedicated to serving others,  in their own families,  communities, states, the nation and worldwide.

So, there they were,  22 African American Black  Women,  HU students on the campus of Howard University, Washington DC., about to  approach and share, and open   a major vision that would change the world for themselves and others like them.  Madree Penn, and the 21 other HU Students were ready to move forward   into the future with positive humanitarian reemergence  change to grow humanity.

 Penn confirmed unending connection, advocacy, and sacred sacrifice with the other 21 Gifted and Talented American Black women HU students.

Madree Penn  and 21 more  HU students of Excellence education  laid the  very original foundation of  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. And, to no surprise, Madree Penn wrote the constitution, bylaws and Articles of Incorporation  to fulfill the legitimacy of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority for it to sincerely be within the laws of the land.

 In certainty,  the DST was officially established, by  January 13, 1913. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority  solidified and officially founded, in documentation, by  22 American women students of  Howard University,  Washington,  DC.

Madree Penn , the Visionary founder, assumed the responsibility to create the Greek letter connection while maintaining  respectful responsibility for writing the constitution and bylaws and having established the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State  which satisfied the laws of the lands on February 13,  1913, thus recorded into the book showing proof of authenticity according  to the original document found in Pinterest. Com.

Madree Penn,  also accepted being the linguist in order for DST to be a respectable Greek-letter organization, unlimited,  for continuing Professional  Humanitarian Services to those closet, in need, as well as those persons far away.

The purpose as adopted by Madree Penn  and the other 21 original founders reads as thus: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority would promote academic excellence. To provide scholarships; to provide support; to educate and stimulate participation in their extinguishment of positive policy public policy; and to highlight issues; and provide solutions for problems in their communities.

When time was right,  with the unselfish assistance of Madree Penn White, Myra Davis Hemming was elected 2nd President of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority following Madree Penn White. It is also written that Madree Penn held an individual initiation ceremony for Ruby. Madree Penn served in the capacity of National Journalist under Ethel LA May Calimesa and helped to charter a Delta Chapter in St. Lois, Missouri.

Madree Penn was a member of Omega Chapter(now Greater Cleveland Alumnae Chapter.)

  Madree Penn married Do James Ethel White. Madree Penn White and Dr. James Ethel White had two children. Madree and James had one son named, James E. White and one daughter, Grace White. Madree Penn White and Dr. James Ethel White raised their children respectfully.

      Later, as years passed, Grace White, daughter of Madree Penn White became Grace White Ware, after marriage. Grace White Ware became a Delta. Grace White Ware  served YWCA, like her mother, as the Executive Secretary in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Madree Penn White’s daughter, also like her mom, chose a career in Journalism. Grace White Ware was employed as Associate Editor and Business Manager of the Omaha Monitor. Later, Grace White Ware formed her own publishing and printing company, The Triangle Press Company in St. Lois, Missouri.

     Madree Penn White served as Associate Editor of Howard University Alumni Journal. 1966. Madree Penn White was honored by League of Women Voters of Cleveland for her many excellence activities within the community and educational environments.

Madree Penn White had many talented gifts, she decided to use them in teaching capacities. Madree worked as a substitute Latin Teacher in Cleveland.

Madree Penn White taught at the National Training School for Girls in Washington D.C. Mrs. Penn White was also a teacher at Tucker Business College and Douglas University in St Lois, Missouri.

Madree Penn White worked for the Phyllis Wheatley Association in Richmond, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Madree Penn and 21 other Howard University women students officially found the Delta Sigma Theta January 13, 1913.

Madree Penn White wrote the Articles of Incorporation for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority which were recorded in the official legal system of Incorporation, 1930.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority initial mission was to use their collegiate strength to promote academic excellence and provide assistance to those in need.

The initial ACTION of Madree Penn and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was participating  in  The March for Women Suffrage, the day before President Woodrow Wilson’s Inauguration, January 3, 1913.

History included briefs of Alpha Suffrage Club with Ida B Wells, Lether Toms, Write Blackwell Weaver and Madree Penn. Those Black women  were active Black American Women participants in The National March for Women Suffrage, March 3, 1913, Washington DC.   The very first public activity of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was their involvement in the National Woman Suffrage Parade in Washington DC.

    Today Delta Sigma Theta sorority has over 300,000 initiated members and more than 1000 chapters worldwide. Economic Development, educational development, International awareness and involvement, physical and mental health, and political awareness and involvement to create its National programs. 

Madree Penn’s Vision:Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was the greatest vision inherited and birthed by Madree Penn, yet shared with America by 22 young Black American women students of Howard University.

Madree Penn with 21 other like-minded American Black  women, like herself,  would make the greatest change in the American and Global societies of human beings within the next hundred years, and then some.

     1912, when twenty two African American women came together on the Howard  University campus  to listen to Madree Penn,  Visionary founder  describes her vision to other like-minded American Black Women  was a start, a beginning to Delta Sigma Theta, a sorority dedicated to serving others like themselves.    

     Madree Penn 1912 brainstorming  with  the  21 other American women would be  official founders as they were also HU students. They took the appropriate time to listen.  Madree Penn, the Visionary founder knew that the implementation of  the Vision had to be shared with these particular women in order  be a vision  of unity and purpose as God intended that it would be extended to many people for many years to come provided the mission, goals and objectives must remain the same, and only improvised for better understanding of being advocates of making this positive change to better  Humanity. AT HOME. COLLEGE.  NATION. WORLDWIDE

Madree Penn White died, January 31, 1967, Cleveland, Ohio.







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