How Does A Humanitarian Justify A Vote For A Human Being With Dead Humanitarian Values? Respectfully

Okay. Respectfully. I have listened to family members, associates, Black, White, Medical Professionals, literally other human beings declare their one major America vote for a human being with a carrying card in the position or sitting in a seat awaiting to soon acquire the most important position as commander in America. Respectfully, I request , that the voters, who so openly make these daring decisions, to share with me,their individual justification of voting for a human being who lacks even the God-given humanity that she/he was born with.

Respectfully, I have not received one justification of this vote yet. I begin my research and study of “Individual Justification of an American Vote for a human being who lacks demonstrated God-given humanity.

Just a few days ago, I was seeking diligently for a media interviews that could actually capture my attention. I found a channel unfamiliar,but a good title. Respectfully, I tuned into this program and was interestedly listening. I thought that I would finally acquire a justifiable answer to my longstanding question. After sitting attentive to ,we’ll, about 6 broadcasted chapters, the two Black American brothers didn’t give any justification for their public declaration,individual vote for the human being lacking God-given humanity. Respectfully Submitted

Gloria J Hunt Keith, publisher/editor/founder


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