My Vision Just Days Before COVID 19

My mind is filled with visualization of future communication updates and understandings. One vision is the day I looked into the cloud. I witnessed the junk we placed in the earth for the past 20plus years was falling all around us all around human beings. After the junk that fell from the cloud , it started to rain from that same cloud. A message cam clearly to me, simply, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”
The Pandemic became prevalent. Respectfully, I left home to shop for my majorHealth tablets, such as Zinc mineral tablets. Respectfully Zinc has kept me from a cold for over 15 years. Melatonin. Some may think Melatonin is sleep medication. Respectfully, Melatonin supplements the melatonin, we slowly l loose from our brain daily. Tiger Balm is an India rub and method favorite. It’s all natural ingredients. Respectfully there are more. But, I am stuck on the many times Zinc, Melatonin, and Tiger Balm , have kept my family including Arthur strongly moving throughout a mission community. Safety, you may ask that question for an answer referencing.these good health tablets when used accordingly. Respectfully don’t forget the Garlic Tab and your probiotic tab. Respectfully #ActionSpeaks GJEAN KEITH

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