President Joe Biden and His Chiefs of Staff Nancy Pelosi and Respectable Congressional Representatives Maintaining as Professional Humanitarians Leadership Must Maintain Their Offices as Long as They Are Professional Humanitarians. Please read and listen to the Whys Below. Do your Own Research and Study? Truth is Available for All Human Beings. Like Me. You Too Can Share Your Own Opinion. Of Course, You Have No Right nor Control over Anyone. Yet Every American Has a Heritage Voting Rights. #ActionSpeaks

Wore to my Black History project 2202022
Gloria J Hunt Keith Our WireGrass Alabama Unique Black America History Month Project 2022

Created by Gloria J Hunt Keith and Association of Pastor /Lady Richard Wilson/Youth/Parents/Guardians. WireGrass Community Worship Center Enterprise Alabama. Held at Vaughn Towers Community Center, Friday, February 18, 2022, with the Assistance of Senetha Oliver, Social Worker, In the Premises. Jeannie Leasing Official/Bruce, Office Manager

For those of you who truly believe in America’s Democracy and humanity, you must listen to your heart. Biden is not the cause of anything going wrong in America. Biden is doing an excellent job as Commander and Chief. A little history to remind us of the causes and effects of Putin’s War against Ukraine. Putin’s Plans coincide with Trump’s Plans and tactics. Both Putin and Trump made these derogatory plans during their personal communications at the times of Trump’s Presidency. I believe this is true that Putin and Trump have plans to overthrow the governments of Ukraine and the United States. This is a prediction based on the time the two, Putin and Trump spent together and never shared with either of their countrymen or people. Just my belief and prediction on the historical facts and opinions of the kind of evil roles the two of them have played as leaders. Neither Putin nor Trump is a Professional Humanitarian. This, every one of the leaders of the Countries of human beings must be. Neither Putin nor Trump is a Professional nor a basic humanitarian.

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