Gloria J Hunt Keith, Dr Jawanza Kunjufu African America Press reference her as Representative for Family and Community

Gloria J Hunt Keith As she leaves WireGrass Community Worship Center COGBF after facilitating Our Black History Month Special Project by Pastor and Lady Richard Wilson performance by the Youth of WireGrass Community Worship Center in Enterprise Alabama 02202022

If interested you can find excerpts from the Black History Month Unique and special project 2022 on the YouTube channel of


Sheriff Lavele Pitts in Panama City, Bay, Florida stated on a local Gulf Coast College Radio Broadcasting that, “I have been here over 27 years and there has never been a Black person who has done as much for the Black community as this woman ( GloriaJKeith) has done in five years” (1985)

The Florida Governor Graham wrote, Thank you from what your organization has done in Bay County.

Dr. Ledell Neland said, you are indeed a brilliant mind. Your sharing of knowledge will open doors for you.

Other Florida business leaders. Politicians. Educators. Many organizations as well as Black Women Press, The Center for Law and Education in Massachusetts. Respectfully, Christian Science Journal and Harvey Jackins, along with many leaders in ReEvaluation Counseling Communities have spoken positively about GLORIA and her work with human beings and humanity issues.

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