Action Speaks Heritage Excellence Education Journal presenting

Black History Month Celebrations 2022

A Wire grass Church of God Family Event

Black America Celebrated as Never Before

Friday, February 18, 2022

Sunday February 20, 2022 11 AM

Pastor and Lady Richard Wilson, Presiding

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith
6 min
Oh, I am on my desktop. Writing 2 three-page proposals for my Unique and elegant Black Heritage – History events for Friday 2:00 PM February 18, 2022, and Sunday, February 20, 2022, 11: AM. One. The Community Room of The Vaughn Towers Senior Citizen Building 342 South Saint Andrews Street Dothan Alabama 36301.
The 2nd Event will convene in The Wiregrass Community Ministry Enterprise, Alabama.Pastor/Mrs. Richard Wilson, presiding.
Beginning with a summary on my acclaimed creation of why and how Heritage and History are different as I explained to seven hundred /first-5th Caucasian school children in 1992 after my first News Feature in-person interview with The Mrs. Rosa Parks in her Van that she called her bus in 1992.
Before 1969, I heard extraordinarily little of the word “Heritage”. Even less was the word, “Heritage” mentioned among the people of Black America Communities where I lived and traveled. It was always this emphasis on Black History, pros, and cons.
I decided to add two more pertinent words to my research and study and how much they matter in the ancestry of my own family members.
Begin with Webster’s dictionary. Then made my daily trips to the local libraries in the cities in my pathway of Evangelical Ministries. Most southern territories until the time came for me to travel Northern America. New York State. Rochester and Buffalo New York. I traveled through Pennsylvania and Ohio. Then, I decided to grab my GED without studying for the test and passed it for college if I chose to go. While in New York City, New York, awaiting my husband-to-be to return from Viet Nam, I decided to apply at the finest Cosmetology School in America while working temporary office jobs. Then, one step further ,towards my life’s goal and my God-given Missions, I-landed a bookkeeping, full-time position, at Pier’s Furnisher Company in the East Bronx, NY., 3rd Avenue. The company was owned by two Jew Brothers, The Richard Brothers. Prestige. Yet, they served a lot of the South Bronx Spanish Tenants. Once my grandmother in Linesville, Alabama found out I was living in New York City, she sent me the names of all my relatives in New York to me. And my Nanny also sent letters to all the New York City relatives to let them know where I was. Lived in East Bronx near White Plains. Thanks to an aunt who work “Penny”, a star of “As the World Turns” soap opera, and the Richard Brothers, I escaped South Bronx until an uncle found out I was in New York City and thought I could live much better with him watching over me in the property that he controlled closer to my job on 3rd Avenue. So, I received more knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the customers I serviced at Pier’s Furniture every day. Learn more in my books. What I want you to understand is that I engaged in a great deal of objective and subjective research and study to conclude that Heritage and History are different. Our lives as Black Americans should be more concerned with living out our Heritage. Yet, understanding that every one of us, individually, no matter, what our parents did, good and bad., we choose to accept our histories or parts that will aid us to grow into our Heritage state. Simple, because your father was a criminal, you do not have to be. Nor, is being a criminal, your destiny. Our Heritage is in the foundation of Our Creator, God. As Jesus and other Spiritualists, Jesus, Son of God, who became Human Being to show us how to live on this earth and died, with acceptance, that Jesus died for us to live. We have that opportunity before death on this earth. Why not learn how and make that one attempt, in righteousness?
Now we are about to experience the fashion show of all time with our models’ amateur models of course dressing and portraying fourteen characters historical characters of Black America we expect to have seven men Black men to play the character of Black man and seven -14 Black American women who will be characterized as 7 to 14 Black American historians. Want to make this noticeably clear if you are a person of another color so to speak or a different race, Caucasian, African, Native American, Spanish, or any other and you are here in Dothan AL. You want to be a partaker in this fashion show which is unique and much more different than any other Fashion show I have seen, yet not to say they will not be after, and, also, not to say, there are not any. I just do not know about it. so this is all creative stemming from my mind my body my soul and my spirit in God our ultimate creator no you are usually expect me to just be the any or eloquent woman that you see going here and going there with my Walker but I want you to know today that we will be having joy fun laughter as you watch these operators these amateur models come through your aisles in these outfits and each one will address a quote from the person the historians that they have to play or to perform character how long will this program be what I actually cannot say I don’t know just within this proposal but I’ll tell you what I know the time span of the people by watching them and at any point in time I don’t cutting the program off but let’s just say this program will be at least an hour and a half because we want you to eat something we will share some others with you if you will accept are there refreshments OK we will be sharing refreshments with the audience and the people that participate in this highlighted Black American or Black America history event by Gloria J hunt Keith and associated by the wiregrass Community Church in enterprise AL turn to God Church of God by faith. Pastor elder and sister Richard Wilson.
Respectfully submitted
Gloria J Hunt Keith
Action speaks heritage excellence not here education journal
Glorious unique vintage boutique
Dothan, Alabama 36301
334 350 7584

Special Participants. For Vaughn Towers. Register with Social Coordinator: Senetha Oliver by February 16, 2022

Special Participants Wire Grass Community Church Enterprise, Alabama. Respectfully Register with Lady Wilson Deadline date: February 18, 2022

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