Gloria J Hunt Keith Selected Alabama Representative for Sharing Opinions “Defending Democracy,challenging white supremacy,dismantling systematic racism and more” oppression forms, respectfully.

“At this critical turning point for our country, we must work tirelessly to confront those out to undermine democracy and build an America where equality and justice are reality for all people,” according to the ACLU.

“That’s why all across the country, we’re asking individuals like you to lend their voices, opinions and support. We’d like to ask you to represent Alabama in this critical”, position .

Gloria J Hunt Keith has represented family, churches, communities as well as herself in correcting injustices across America, respectfully.

Gloria , as parent-educator plus one legally and respectfully represented her family in a Northwest Florida court of law in the first primary homeschooling case within the area and the Florida Department of Education..

Gloria J Hunt Keith and her husband , Arthur, now deceased, served as seekers for the greatest renowned attorney in America, David Lipman, to respectfully and legally represent Panama City, Bay, Florida in a Single Member Districting case.

Part One of Two

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